Is WiFi Exposure Dangerous?


For this post, I wanted to look at the effects of being exposed to WiFi. It seems that WiFi is everywhere now and that means we are constantly under the exposure. Can too much exposure be dangerous?


Internet routers send electromagnetic radiation that can pass through walls of your house. These electromagnetic radiation are emitted at the gigahertz frequency which is considered potentially dangerous by scientists and health experts. These frequencies are similar in strength as the frequencies from the microwave oven.

There are many factors to consider when determining the harmfulness of WiFi:

Duration – Many of us leave our internet modems and routers on 24/7. This is like having your microwave oven cooking at all times

Layers – When we search for a network, we often see more than one. This means that we are surrounded by harmful radiation

Signal Strength – When we have full bars of internet, it means the electromagnetic radiation is strong

What are the effects of exposure?

Slows cell growth – Experiments were conducted where plants are placed in two environments, one without WiFi and one with. The results showed that the plants with the WiFi exposure did not grow

Contributes to insomnia – Studies have shown that sleeping with WiFi signals interfere with sleeping patterns resulting in the inability to sleep or the feeling of being more awake

Affects cardiac stress – long exposures to WiFi signals can increase the heart rate, putting more stress on the heart


How to reduce risk?

Keep devices away from you body when not using them

Turn your devices and router off at night

Try to use internet cables (Ethernet) instead of wireless internet

In conclusion, there are many risks to being exposed to WiFi, therefore, exposure can be dangerous. Being exposed is inevitable. No matter where we go, there is going to be WiFi. However, you can reduce your risks and lower your exposure if you take the corrects steps. I hope you learned a little bit more and understood the effects of WiFi exposure from reading this post. See you next time 🙂



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5 Comments Add yours

  1. heyimnatalie says:

    Wow this is was definitely an eye opener since a lot of us sleep with our phones right next to our heads. I’ve never really thought about this till now….


  2. sciencc says:

    Very Interesting! I never knew Wi-Fi could be so dangerous.

    Liked by 1 person


    Wow! I’ve always heard that wi-fi was bad, but I didn’t know it caused so may problems… Everyone should know this!


  4. omegadream says:

    This seems like a good wake up call for society to lower our dependency on technology but I’m pretty sure most people are still willing to take this risk. Technology has become a part of us!


  5. Kevin Liu says:

    The real question is can society and humanity stop their dependency of WiFi. We use it literally everyday and everywhere, where ever we go, we are under the influence of the Internet. Perhaps there is no cure for this deadly condition.


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