The Caffeine Addiction

Caffeine is everywhere. It is in your coffee, tea, soda and energy drinks. The truth is, some of us are so dependent on this stimulant that consuming this drug has become an addiction. For this post, I wanted to look at the withdrawal symptoms of caffeine and just how much is too much?


Caffeine like many other drugs, is a stimulant. It acts on the brain and the nervous system. Similar to other drugs, you can be dependent on caffeine very easily. People can build a tolerance to caffeine making them take more for the same effect and result. This can lead to addiction.

Caffeine works similarly to adrenaline, which gives you an instant burst of energy. What can too much caffeine do to you?

Rise in body temperature

Greater fatigue after the energy burst




Withdrawal from addiction can be devastation on the body so what are some withdrawal symptoms?

Headache – usually around the front of your head and eyes

Constipation – caffeine also stimulates you bowel, so a withdrawal from it can lead to a loss of movement

Concentration loss – you lose your focus to do anything

Nausea – being lightheaded can be a result of withdrawal

Insomnia – people can lose their ability to sleep

Muscle Pain – inability to move your muscles


A healthy dose of caffeine is considered to be around 400 mg or less a day. This is roughly around 3 cups of coffee. Are you taking a healthy amount?

In conclusion, too much caffeine will have a negative impact on your body especially if you are addicted and taking over 400 mg a day, but as long as you are taking a health amount, you should be fine. I hope you learned a little from this post and understand the effects of caffeine. underneath are some websites if you want to learn more and see you next time 🙂



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3 Comments Add yours

  1. Maran Rajah says:

    Thanks for teaching us about this! Now i’ll make sure to not overdose on caffeine!


  2. janetlauu says:

    I think this is something people should be more informed about. Many adults drink coffee to an unhealthy extent without realizing the effects it has on the body. This information can help many people with their coffee addiction.


  3. Jeffrey Wong says:

    Interesting post, now I know drinking coffee everyday isn’t really a good thing 🙂


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